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Basketball Stat Tracker Review

Basketball Stat Tracker

"I've recently had the opportunity of downloading Stat Tracker to my iPad and trying it out while watching some games on TV. This is a great program and a great way to do your stats using either an iPad, an iPhone, or an Android device... sure beats paper and pencil! I found the program very easy to use and intuitive, easy to learn. It's easy to enter your team rosters and make substitutions on the fly.

Keep your shot charts, rebounds, steals, assists and all the other important stats that you like to chart. Stat Tracker keeps a running retrievable tally of all stats throughout the game. Everything is totaled for you, by period and for the game. You can export and email the stats to anyone. If you have an iPad or Android device, I think you will find the Basketball Stat Tracker a great way to do your stats... and pretty hard to beat for just $5.99!" ... Coach Gels.

Available for iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.

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Basketball Stat Tracker
Now with Multi-Device Tracking... Very COOL!

Basketball Stat Tracker takes your stat tracking beyond the traditional pen and paper stat books and makes them available whenever you have your iPad in hand. Designed with basketball coaches, scouts, parents, and stats enthusiasts in mind, Basketball Stat Tracker provides an interface for real-time basketball stat tracking in even the most fast paced games.

All Your Shots & Stats In Your Hand
Basketball Stat Tracker builds off of the shot tracking abilities of Basketball Shot Chart and adds easy tracking of many other basketball stats. Quickly look up how players have performed in games you've tracked, or look at all their stats over the course of a season. After the game, quickly look up player stats and email box scores and shot charts so players can see how they performed and where they need to improve.

Compile scouting reports in seconds by using stat filters to get all recorded stats from opposing players and teams. There's no need to go through stacks of pen & paper shot charts and stats with Basketball Stat Tracker, all your stats and shooting data is with you whenever you have your iPad.

Quick, Intuitive Interface
Basketball Stat Tracker was designed to make life easy for the person keeping stats. The interface is designed to be able to easily keep up with even the fastest paced games, and it's so easy you can give it to a volunteer and have them tracking stats in no time. Previous shots for each team are displayed on court with an "onion skinning" effect, meaning you can see the past few shots.

In addition to being designed for quick entry, Basketball Stat Tracker is designed to help with accuracy. Box scores are updated in game, so you can get an overview of stats at all times. The stat entry history lets you quickly undo erroneous entries. An in game scoreboard updates as you track the game, making it easy to reconcile your stats with the scoreboard.

What's New!
Multi-Device Tracking. This new premium feature, Multi-Device Tracking, is designed to allow multiple devices to synchronously track a single game. No internet connection is necessary. It can be utilized in an environment without wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. All aspects of the game management and stat entry can be shared across a number of iOS 7.0+ devices.

This effectively shares the workload and lowers the stress of our users allowing for greater accuracy in the statistics. Having the ability to give helpers a specific set of stats to track on their own device will drastically increase the accuracy of my overall team statistics. Also included in this feature release is a new Undo button. Click here to learn more...

"OK, I tried it on my wife's iPad and my iPhone. Each device has the app loaded and the multi-device tracking is purchased by just one (my wife's iPad). My iPhone and her iPad recognized each other instantly, and it was simple to use. This should be a great new feature for this program, which was already great to start with!" - Coach Gels

Basketball Stat Tracker

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Basketball Stat Tracker


Basketball Stat Tracker
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