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Takeover Training

Takeover Training
Serious players and coaches, take a look at Takeover Training. Takeover Training is an online basketball training program for advanced, elite players with NBA trainers Tyler Relph and Damin Altizer.

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Online Basketball Training: 12 Elite Guard Workouts
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I-Jump App

I-Jump Vertical Jump App from Ganon Baker and Alan Stein
One of world's best basketball strength and conditioning trainers "Alan Stein" and basketball skill coach "Ganon Baker" have joined forces in creating a unique NO NONSENSE vertical jump app, called IJUMP. The IJUMP app will help players from various sports to increase their vertical jump, explosiveness and overall shape. To learn more about the IJUMP app visit:

What is in the IJUMP APP

M.V.P. Jump Trainer

M.V.P. Jump Trainer - from Hoopsking
The M.V.P. Jump Trainer increases both vertical and horizontal leaping ability. Increase lower body dynamic strength by adding resistance to drills and training workouts.

Vertiskills Jump Program

Quickly add 12 inches to your vert! Vertiskills is a 12 weeks jump program that includes the periodization of 3-phases with intense focuses on Strength, Power and Explosiveness! Also includes VertiSkillsEbookCurriculum, progress charts and power calculations, and the full HD video series. The entire VertiSkills program is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone where Wifi or 4G/3G is available.

Defender Extender Padded Sticks

Defender Extender Padded Sticks
Coaches, use these padded sticks to extend your length against your players: reach in and knock the ball away, contest the shot and the dribble, make contact, require players to shoot and finish over a taller object, etc.

Perfect Jumper Perimeter Pro 2

Perfect Jumper Perimeter Pro 2 - from Hoopsking

The Perfect Jumper is a series of heavy-duty, high impact rubber basketball training aids that fit easily onto the basketball rim, with no tools needed for installation. Each one of the four Perfect Jumper components teaches a different set of shooting skills to a basketball player.

The Perfect Jumper bonus is the art of anticipating a rebound. With smaller goal dimensions you will definitely see more missed shots in practice. These missed shots are opportunities to increase your rebounding skills. Many of our coaches put on the Perimeter Pro 1 and 2 on each end of the court and run full court scrimmages to develop aggressive rebounding skills with the extra missed shots that come as a result of making the goals smaller. Learn more about the Perfect Jumper Perimeter Pro 2.

Shoot More Rebounding system

Shoot More Rebounding System
Coaches, players, parents... don't spend $5000 on a rebounding system when you can get a great easy to use system for just $500. Use it in the gym or in your driveway.

HoopsU Strength and Speed Program

HoopsU Complete Basketball Strength and Speed Program
Here's a product that will help your conditioning, strength and speed! Learn to effectively and adequately improve your strength and speed specific to basketball with this year-round basketball workout program. In "The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program", coach Tony Alfonso explains the methods he has used to help train several state high school championship teams and college recruits.

Packed with insights, descriptions, techniques, and more, this comprehensive book offers the fundamentals and tactics for incorporating an effective strength and speed program into your overall basketball training. Not only will you find great ideas, drills, and exercises to help you improve, but this book is also a year-round basketball training program that is fully complete...sets and reps are already determined for each training phase. It is completely ready-to-go -- you do not need to put anything together yourself! The workout forms and testing charts help you understand how you are progressing so you can effectively achieve your goals.

Through Coach Alfonso's experience and guidance, you will learn how to successfully implement a strength and speed program for yourself or your team. "The Complete Basketball Strength & Speed Program" will show you how to improve your athletic ability that positively correlates to improvement on the basketball court.

Price: $20.95

Complete Conditioning for Basketball
by Greg Brittenham, Patrick Ewing.
Excellent book for a basketball conditioning program, exercises, drills, etc.

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