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BetterBasketball's Player Improvement DVD Series

BetterBasketball.com is widely recognized for its series of top-notch, excellent basketball instructional videos. With this complete set of seven DVDs, every aspect of player development is covered. BetterBasketball's seven instructional DVD's are not only "better", but are the best videos for developing player skills. This series includes:

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The seven player improvement DVDs feature top of the line instructors ready to teach you, including Rick Torbett, Jason Kidd, Chauncey Billups, JJ Redick, Sue Bird, Rick Barry, Andy Garcia, Tamika Catchings, Jermaine O'Neal, Nancy Lieberman, Mike Bibby, and others. Each video has been done professionally with top-quality video, graphics and organization, and averages over two hours in length. Pro game footage is incorporated, helping illustrate the technique being taught, proving that the technique actually works, while making the video a whole lot more entertaining.

It is no accident that you see BetterBasketball advertisements on the Coach's Clipboard web-site, and this basketball store's web-site. The Coach's Clipboard highly recommends all of the BetterBasketball products because of the instructional excellence and the professional quality of their videos. Buy the entire series at a discount, or get any of the DVDs individually.

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"Better Shooting 2" (with J.J. Redick)

The BetterBasketball "Better Shooting 2" DVD with Rick Torbett and J.J. Redick (and others) is a top-notch excellent video, certainly one of the best out there. Both coaches and players will benefit from this DVD. Everything that has to do with shooting is presented in the 3 hour and 36 minute video. Coach Torbett breaks the shot down into all the important components, explaining the importance of each, and then presents shooting drills for all types of shots. The shot is constructed starting with the footwork and progressing through the release.

Better Shooting 2 from BetterBasketball.com
J.J. Redick, the former great Duke All-American, discusses and demonstrates (for 47 minutes) the shooting techniques that have made him one of the best shooters of all time. This is the only instructional shooting video ever released by Redick.

The DVD is applicable to kids as well as advanced players as there is a tremendous amount of material and detail presented, yet all in a very clear manner. Included is a lot of video of international professional shooters. One of the better features is a whole section dedicated to women, featuring WNBA player Shay Doron. Additionally, there is footage of excellent shooters of both genders, from all age groups (middle school, high school, college, and pro players).

In summary, this is an excellent, professionally done shooting video that will certainly benefit both players and coaches, and one that you will surely enjoy and refer to often.
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"Better 1-on-1 Offense"

The BetterBasketball "Better 1-on-1 Offense" DVD was designed for teaching perimeter (guard) players all the fundamentals and important moves that they need to learn to become good outside players. With Rick Torbett, Chauncey Billups (Detroit Pistons all-pro point guard), Sue Bird (WNBA star), and Hall of Famer Rick Barry, you have tons of experience and... well, how could you have any better instructors?! The video is 3 hours and 44 minutes with eight chapters, plus special sections with Billups, Bird and Barry.

Better 1-on-1 offense from BetterBasketball.com
This DVD will start young players off on the right path by teaching the basics of triple treat position, establishing the pivot foot, and fakes and moves from the triple threat position. It takes the advanced player through all the necessary advanced moves, and how to "read and react" to the defender. Also covered are how to use ball-screens, and how to develop that vital 1st step quickness, by "exploding" on the first two steps past the defender. Taking it to the hoop, and when to shoot the pull up jump-shot, or the 3-point shot are discussed.

This DVD is the best you can get for teaching and learning how to play on the perimeter.
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"Better 1-on-1 Defense"

"Great defense wins championships" - this is the underlying theme of the BetterBasketball "Better 1-on-1 Defense" DVD. Coach Rick Torbett starts off with a strong, motivating intro pointing out the importance of great defense, and the importance of being able to defend your man 1-on-1. This entire DVD is geared toward stopping your man 1-on-1, not team defense. Thus zones, helpside, trapping are not a part of this video.

Better 1-on-1 defense from BetterBasketball.com
The 47 minute video contains eight chapters. You are taught how to stop quick guards, slashers, good shooters and strong post players. It starts with Coach Torbett teaching the correct stance, balance, hand and foot positions, etc. Five important defensive moves are taught, and these all must be mastered at any speed. Quickness is maximized by having the correct footwork... you can be quick, but without good defensive footwork, you are easy to beat. Conversely, you may be a little slower, but with great footwork and desire, you can stop those quick point guards. Stopping shooters is discussed.... what works and what only exposes you to fouls. Being able to stop a post player 1-on-1 without requiring a helpside defender really helps your overall team defense. Bottom line... another great instructional video from BetterBasketball.
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