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BetterBasketball DVD Series

"Better Post Play"

The BetterBasketball "Better Post Play" DVD is maybe my favorite DVD. Coach Rick Torbett, NBA star Jermaine O'Neal, and WBNA all-star Tamika Catchings take you through it all. The 2 hour and 41 minute DVD has ten chapters, and two special sections with O'Neal (61 minutes) and Catchings (37 minutes). O'Neal discusses not only offense, but how to play great post defense, and how to rebound. Catchings talks about playing inside, her favorite moves, and what it's like to be a WNBA player and what it takes to get to that level.

Better Post Play from
As with all BB videos, it starts with the fundamental basics that are important for young players to learn, and presents the attitude or philosophy of a great post player. But there is so much more! The advanced player will learn so much more from this video... how to get open vs zones and man-to-man defenses, using moves like the "swim", "cheat-step", "reverse pivot" and "leg whip". Learn how to score before you get the ball. Moves such as the drop-step, up and under, and jump hook are basic. But how about adding the "spin and go", "step-pound-hop", "step-pound-pivot", and the "front pivot" moves, just to name a few. And of course, learning to play from the short corner and the high post are discussed and demonstrated. This is a tremendous learning tool for developing and advanced post players... and it's fun to watch!
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"Better Ball-Handling"

The BetterBasketball "Better Ball Handling" DVD with Rick Torbett is an important video for players learning to handle the ball, both beginners and advanced players. Dribbling, handling the ball is one of the most important fundamentals all players need to master to become good players. This DVD is 47 minutes and contains 7 chapters: Basic Game Dribbling, Drills to Improve Your Ball Control and Hand Speed, Straight Line Moves, Change of Direction Moves, Advanced Moves, Training, and Game Hints. 12 year-old dribbling phenon Andy Garcia demonstrates all of the 115 dribbling drills for you.

Better Ball Handling from BetterBasketball
Coach Torbett shows how and when the various dribble-moves are used in game situations. Moves included are the hesitation, fake crossover, crossover spin, power spin, behind the back, stutter step, pull-back crossover, half-spin, lean-in, and others. He presents nine dribbling work-outs or training methods. This is a great video for helping players to become masters of handling the rock.
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"Better Passing"

I know... you're thinking, "a passing video... more boring passing drills." But read on... BetterBasketball's "Better Passing" DVD is much more than just a bunch of passing drills. Coach Rick Torbett and NBA player Mike Bibby teach players how see the floor, develop court sense and basketball IQ... how and when to make the right pass at the right time. This is done through 42 unique game situation demonstrations. Players learn to read their teammates and the defense, and learn the correct pass to use as well as the correct location for the pass.

Better Passing from BetterBasketball
The video is 68 minutes with ten chapters. Thirteen games hints, 16 passing drills and 22 types of passes are demonstated. Included is passing on the perimeter (to v-cutters, back-cutters, swinging the ball, skip passes, passes off the pick and roll, and flare passes), and the most important passing off dribble-penetration. NBA player Mike Bibby explains how to "draw and dish", how to find the open teammate on dribble penetration. Perimeter players are also taught the art of feeding the post, whether the post is played behind, full or half-fronted. Often over-looked, post players are taught how to pass out of the post... out to the wing, to back-cutters, etc. There is a chapter on transition passing, full-court, on the move, breaking and attacking the press. Bibby discusses passing in fast-break situations, how to always get a good shot. Other passes are discussed... the discus pass, bowling pass, no-look pass, alley-oop, touch pass, and others. Plus there is a section talking with Bibby... his favorite moves off the dribble, from triple threat, and other things.

This really is a great video for learning to play on the offensive end and in transition. It's so much more than just a "passing video"!
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"Scoring Without the Ball"

BetterBasketball's "Scoring Without the Ball" DVD takes players into a whole new set of skills, beyond the fundamentals. 80% of the time when you are on offense, you will not have the ball. Many players just stand around. But this video will teach you what to do when you don't have the ball, how to get open to score. Coach Rick Torbett, Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman, and future Hall of Famer and NBA all-star Jason Kidd take your through it. This video will increase your basketball IQ.

Scoring and moving without the ball from BetterBasketball
The DVD is 3 hours and 30 minutes in length with seven chapters and special 1-on-1 sections with each Lieberman (57 min) and Kidd (44 min). Players are taught how to move without the ball, with 17 moves for getting open when you are being denied. Players learn how to react to a teammate's dribble-penetration, how to slide and get open for a pass. "Circle movement" is taught... how to rotate in the opposite direction of the defensive helpside rotation. Also discussed are running the fast break, filling and running the lanes and finishing, and the basics of the give and go, and how to set and use screens and when to roll, flare or slip the screen. Learn how to use screens away from the ball - down-screens, back-screens, flare-screens and away-screens. Learn how to attack from the weakside, and how to become a "slasher".

This is another great video that teaches a whole new set of skills that many players will never possess. No other video that I know of, addresses the rather diverse, complex (but not difficult) skills presented on this DVD. This DVD takes the player beyond the fundamentals and teaches how to "play the game". Coaches wouldn't need plays if their players had all of these skills.
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