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Practice Planner Live

Practice Planner Live
Use this online program and get access to the tools professionals use. Plan practices easily, quickly and more effectively. Have all your drills and thoughts in one place. Get access to your practice stats and see if your team play reflects what you are working on... See statistics of your practice. Are you focusing too much time on one aspect of the game? Now you never have to guess! Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, and More! Get the Practice Planning Edge Today! More info...

Price: $79.00/yr      On the payment form, you can also enter a username and password that you would like to use.

basketball stats using your iPad or Android

Basketball Stat Tracker
Here's a great easy way of keeping basketball stats on your iPad or Android device. Basketball Stat Tracker takes your stat tracking beyond the traditional pen and paper stat books and makes them available whenever you have your iPad or Android device in hand. Designed with basketball coaches, scouts, parents, and stats enthusiasts in mind, Basketball Stat Tracker provides an interface for real-time basketball stat tracking in even the most fast paced games. Now with new Multi-Device Tracking - two or three stats keepers can sync their devices and break up the stats job into easier, more manageable parts.

Sideline Interactive Scoring Tables, Scoreboards, Timers and Clocks

Sideline Interactive Scoring Tables, Scoreboards, Timers and Clocks
High quality, tough, durable, interactive scoring tables, scoreboards, game clocks and practice timers for athletic organizations at all levels.

These scoring tables and scoreboards are state of the art with high-end technology that incorporates many options. Brightly lighted scores and items are easy to read. You can display full-motion graphics/video clips, your team/school logo, player photos, starting line-ups, the American Flag, animated play diagrams, etc. All of these things enhance the fan and player experience, boost your image, and help your coaches. You can watch game and scouting film. Display advertisements to help generate a profit.

Installed wirelessly with no cabling, these systems come with an iPad and all the software Apps needed to run it.

Takeover Training

Takeover Training
Serious players and coaches, take a look at Takeover Training. Takeover Training is an online basketball training program for advanced, elite players with NBA trainers Tyler Relph and Damin Altizer.

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Online Basketball Training: 12 Elite Guard Workouts
- 24/7 Q&A form with NBA Skill Trainers Tyler Relph and Damin Altizer. Receive $25 USD discount using coupon code "CoachesClipboard"

Defender Extender Padded Sticks

Defender Extender Padded Sticks
Coaches, use these padded sticks to extend your length against your players: reach in and knock the ball away, contest the shot and the dribble, make contact, require players to shoot and finish over a taller object, etc.

Playmaker Basketball Marker Board

Playmaker Basketball Marker Board -- Championship Productions, Inc.
Show a play ... wipe it away! Playmaker has full basketball court permanently screened on a white erasable surface. Includes erasable pen which attaches firmly to the clip head with Velcro fasteners. 10" x 16".

Price: $12.99
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Mark V Basketball Score Book

Mark V Basketball Score Book -- Championship Productions, Inc.
Men's and women's basketball scorebook, for 30 games, score to 136. Wirebound, hardback. Full size, 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches. Separate spaces for field goals and free throws. Instant scoring for individual and team fouls. Index page for handy reference. Room for 15 player roster. Additional space for player technical fouls and for up to 10 team fouls each half.

Price: $6.99
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