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The Coach's Clipboard Deluxe CD Instructions

Use these instructions and FAQ's if you have any problems with the Coach's Clipboard's Deluxe CD. If you still can't get things to work correctly, contact us.

After ordering your CD, you will receive an email (usually within 24 hours), that provides a link, login and password information for you to download the "Playbook & Animations" (which you may find useful until the CD arrives).


Login - Password problems...

To access your download account page, you must login with your username and password. Most login errors occur because the user does not enter the login or password correctly, often because there may be some CAPITAL letters involved. Both the username and password are case-sensitive, so pay attention to CAPITAL letters. Before requesting a new password, make sure you try it with correct case on all letters. Also make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.

Example: Let's say my username is: RaiderCoach. This would be an incorrect login: raidercoach as the R and C must be capitalized.

Also see "Login Problem-Solver".

Setup Instructions:

To use the Deluxe CD, your computer must have Adobe's Flash Player for viewing the animations and video clips. If you already have the Flash player on your computer, all you need to do is slip the CD-ROM into your CD drive. If the program doesn't auto-load, go to Question 1 below (FAQ's, Troubleshooting).

Your computer must also be "Java-enabled" to use the menus. If the menus do not work properly, go to Question 8 below.

If you want to copy the CD files to your hard drive for faster program operation, see Question 9 below.

To install the Flash player on your computer:

If your computer already has the Flash Player skip this step.

It's easy to install the player. Just download it from Adobe's web-site (it's free!). The Adobe web-site will automatically detect your computer type, operating system and Internet browser, and will determine which version you need for your computer. Go to this page:

Understanding Plays, Diagrams
Offensive players are O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, and are circles.
Defensive players are X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, and are triangles.

In the diagrams, player cuts are solid lines, whereas passes are dotted lines. A screen is a line with a perpendicular "bar". Dribbling is indicated by a wavy or "squiggly" line.

how to interpret the playbook diagrams

FAQ's, Troubleshooting Section

Question 1: How do I launch the program?
Slip the CD in your CD-ROM drive and the "CCIntro.html" file should automatically load in your default system Internet browser. If the program does not auto-load, then open your Internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc). You do not need to be "online". Then click on "File", and "Open" and find the "CCIntro" file in the CD drive. Open the program. You can save this link in your "Favorites" , or "Bookmarks" for future use. Use the CCIndex to load the Playbook, Appendix, animations, and video clips (from the menus). You do not need to be online as everything is on the CD, or download.

Question 2: The animations won't load. All I get is a blank window.
If animations do not load, or the Intro page does not load properly, then your computer may not have Adobe's Flash Player, which is required to view the animated files. Also, javascript must be enable on your computer (see Question 8 below). See the Flash Player installation instructions above under "Setup Instructions". If you copied the files to your hard drive, make sure all files are in the correct folders!

If you are certain that you have the Flash Player and still get a blank page, it might be because your computer browser's settings.

If you use Windows XP upgrade (service pack 2), you might need to change some settings. This should correct the problem: your Microsoft Internet Explorer, click the "Tools" menu, and then "Internet Options". Then click the "Advanced" tab. Scroll down to the "Security" section. Check the top two boxes (they are probably unchecked):
  • "Allow active content from CD's to run on my computer."
  • "Allow active content to run in files on my computer."
Make sure those two boxes are checked. Click the "OK" button. Hopefully the problem is now corrected!

Question 3: Where are the video clips? Where do I find the video clips menus for viewing the clips?
On the "CCIndex" page (see above), click "Video Clips". The "Coach's Clipboard Video Clips" page will then load. Use the menus (on the left) for accessing all of the video clips. You must have the Flash player. Please note that video clips are not included in the downloads (Deluxe CD download, Playbook & Animations download, and the Playbook download). The video clips are only contained in the actual Deluxe CD disk, and in the Premium Members section.

Question 4: The video clips don't work!
To view the video files, you must have Adobe's Flash Player, and the files must all be in the correct folder. See Question #2 above.

Question 5: How do I view the Playbook articles and the Appendix? Overlapping text and graphics.
When you first load the program, click on "Playbook" in the menu. The Playbook page and menus will appear. You can access, view and print all of the individual articles from the menu on the left (without any special word-processing software). If you find there is overlapping of text and graphics... in your browser's top menu "View" --> "Text Size". Make sure the text size is set to medium. For best printing results, use the pdf files (see below).

In addition, for your convenience, I have included all of the individual articles in MS Word format, and the Appendix, in the "files" folder. You can use these if you want to edit a page, add something of your own, like a new option to a play, etc. and then print your revised article for your team. Of course, you will need Microsoft Word (or a word-processing program that can edit MS Word files).

Question 6: Printing Questions
How do I print plays and other articles?
Open the Playbook. All the articles and plays are contained in the left-hand menu or the Playbook Index. Select the article you want to print from either the menu or the Index.

(1) For best results, use the "PDF Files" page, or click "PDF" in the top menu. There is a pdf file for each article, which you can print for a good clean printed page, no matter what your screen resolution is.

(2) If your monitor's screen resolution is 1024x768, you can usually get a good, clean printed copy by just clicking the browser's "Print" button, or using the menu's "File"-->"Print".

If using method (2) above, for a clean printout, configure your browser's print page setup as follows. Setting your browser's margins as instructed below is very important. Microsoft Internet Explorer users click the browser's menu, "File", then "Page Setup". If there is something in the "Header" and "Footer" text boxes, just clear those boxes. This will remove the annoying page header and footer file information. Also, very importantly, set the "Margins" as follows: left = 1.0, right = 0.5, top = 0.5, bottom= 0.5

Firefox users... under "File" --> "Page Setup", click the "Format & Options" tab, and then make sure the box next to "Shrink to Fit Page Width" is checked.

Is it possible to print the entire Playbook at once, rather than page by page?
Yes! MS Internet Explorer has this feature built-in. In the top menu, under "PDF", click "PDF Index". This page lists all of the Playbook's PDF (printable) doucments. Then select from your Internet Explorer top menu, "File" and then "Print". In this print dialog, click the "Options" tab at the top, and then check "Print all linked documents", and click the "Print" button at the bottom. Have lots of paper and ink on hand! If you only want to print certain segments (Half-Court Offense, Half-Court Defenses, etc), set your screen resolution to 1024x768, then click on one of those "key" category pages seen at the top of the main Playbook "index" page, and use the same instructions above.

Question 7: Can I edit, change or add something to an article or play that would help my team?
Yes! See Question 4. While you cannot change the basic html page content, you can use the MS Word documents located in the "WordDocs" folder.

Question 8: You refer to menus. I don't see any menus on any pages!
The menus require your computer to be java-enabled. Most are, but if yours isn't, go to this page for a solution: You can use the program without the menus by using the "Index" pages for the playbook, animations and video clips.

Question 9: Can I copy the CD files to my hard drive? Wouldn't it run faster?
If you did not take advantage of the initial download when you purchased your product, and are just using the CD... yes, you can copy the files to your hard drive, and the program will run faster, and you can download updates to this folder on your hard drive. But you must make sure all the files are in the correct folders! The easiest way to do this is to click on the "CCDeluxeCDSetup" copy utility included on the CD. This setup program will copy all of the files onto your computer, and will place an icon on your desktop for loading the program.

Use Windows Explorer, insert the CD, and then click on the CD in Windows Explorer. Click the Windows Explorer "View" menu and then "Details". Then in the right sided pane, on the top, click "Type". Now you should see the program as in the graphic below... it's the highlighted "CCDeluxeCDSetup" (Application) file... just double-click on that to run the copy program. See Question 10 below also.

Mac Users... Mac computers cannot run the copy utility, the CCDeluxeSetup exe file, because Mac's do not use exe files. But you can hand copy all the files from the CD to a folder on your computer (using your computer's file manager program). Create a folder called "CCDeluxe". Then copy all the files and subfolders on the CD into this folder. When you do this, make sure that the subfolders (Animations, images, files, Video, etc) are all subfolders under your main program folder (see the file structure graphic below). Then, once copied, try running the program from your file manager program, finding the program folder "CCDeluxe"and the "CCIntro.html" file in that folder and double clicking on it.

Question 10: What about the free upgrades? Upgrade installation issues...
When you purchased the CD, you were sent an email with your login, password and a page link where you can download the latest free upgrade. If you have lost that information, .

You can access the upgrade-download page from your product's top menu, "Help/Info" --> "Upgrade". You can also access the upgrade-download page from the Coach's Clipboard web-site by clicking "Upgrades" in the top menu.

For the upgrade to work, you must first (1) either have downloaded the original download to your computer (when you first purchased the product), or (2) copied the CD files to your computer's hard drive (see Question 9 above). Subsequent upgrades that you download must be installed into that same folder (directory) on your computer where the original CD files are located. For example, if you installed the program into the folder "CCDeluxe", the directory (folder) structure should look like the diagram above far right.

When running the upgrade installation program (below), make sure you select the folder (directory) on your computer where you have installed the original CD files. On my computer, it is "C:\Program Files\CCDeluxe".

Question 11: Is it possible to skip the intro splash screen?
Yes, you can skip the splash screen. You can also opt to turn off the audio on both the main page and the video clips page. Click "Options" under the top menu's "Help/Info". A new window will pop up. Make your selections and click the "Save Settings" button. Note that for this to work, your Internet browser and/or security software must allow cookies.

Question 12: Can I turn off the sound and leave it off as my default?
Yes, see "Options" under question 11.

Question 13: What do the control buttons seen with the Animations and Video Clips do?
See the graphics and explanation below.

#1 stops or pauses the animation
#2 starts or restarts (after a pause) the animation
#3 rewinds the animation to the very beginning
#4 moves the animation back one frame
#5 moves the animation forward one frame
#6 moves the animation to the end (very last frame)
#7 when lit, causes the animations to go back to the beginning and replay when completed
Slider shows the progress of the animation, and you can slide it to advance or back up the animation.

Video Controls (top row):
#1 is an audio control and will mute the audio but it is recommended to use the bottom audio controls instead
#2 resets the video to the first frame after it has been paused
#3 backs the video up by one frame after it has been paused
#4 stops and resets the video to the beginning (first frame)
#5 plays or pauses the video
#6 allows you to move forward by small increments... you must first pause or stop the video to use this feature. Each mouse click moves it forward a little. If you hold the mouse down, it advances more rapidly.
#7 goes to the very last frame and the video automatically replays.

Audio controls (bottom row):
#1 turns the audio off
Volume Slider Control... soft to the left, loud to the right
Progress bar shows the progress of the audio
#2 resets the audio back to the beginning
#3 moves the audio back one frame
#4 stops and resets the audio back to the beginning
#5 starts or pauses the audio
#6 moves the audio forward one frame
#7 moves the audio to the end

Question 14: I'm still having problems! Now what?
Send an email using the Contact Us page. Please make sure that your own email server will accept a return email from me, and that your email storage space is not full. In either case, I will not be able to get back to you, and this is frustrating for both of us! I will usually respond to your email within a day or two (unless I'm on vacation)... so if you don't hear back from me right away, check to make sure your email server will accept my email (your spam blocker may not allow me).

Copyright Notices
The Coach's Clipboard Deluxe CD, including all the Animations, Playbook and Appendix, Video Clips and all the contents of the Coach's Clipboard web-site, are under copyright protection. Unauthorized copying and distribution of this CD or it's contents are prohibited by law. Copying is limited to coaches and players who may use the articles for their own team or organization only. Coaches are permitted to print any of the articles in the Playbook for distribution to their own players and coaches, or in creating their own team playbook. However, these materials may not be used on a web-site without permission from the Coach's Clipboard's author, James A. Gels.