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Coach's Clipboard Playbook Download

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All of the basketball articles, offenses, defenses, plays, drills are in this download!

The Coach's Clipboard Playbook Download - $24.00
For both PC's and Mac's! You can download the Coach's Clipboard Playbook containing all of the web-site's articles (over 500 pages). Also included are the pdf files, a pdf (printable) file for each article or play. The animations and video clips are not included. You can use this to create your own playbook and distribute it to your players.

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Important download instructions... after clicking the "Buy Now" button, you first register for your download account and get a username and password. Then complete your payment with either PayPal or credit card. Your account will be activated automatically once payment is completed. Login to your account download page and follow the instructions to download the file directly from our server to your computer. You can download upgrades at any time up to one year after your purchase.

The Playbook contains all of the offenses, defenses, plays, articles, strategy, player fundamentals, many drills, etc. plus coaching aids such as practice planning forms, stats sheets, shot charts, scouting forms, court diagrams, etc. To see the tables of contents, click Playbook Contents.

PLUS... you can download free upgrades at any time for one year from your own personal account upgrade page, using your own username and password.

Please note that you cannot download these files to an iPad or iPhone, or a similar device. You can only use this product on a computer.

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