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The Coach's Clipboard Playbook & Animations Instructions

After purchasing this download, you will receive an email that has your username and password, and a special login page where you can re-download or upgrade your product (for one year after purchase) at no additional charge. You should save that email and use it if you need to download again.

But hopefully, you have already successfully downloaded the "Playbook & Animations".

Login - Password problems...

To access your download account page, you must login with your username and password. Most login errors occur because the user does not enter the login or password correctly, often because there may be some CAPITAL letters involved. Both the username and password are case-sensitive, so pay attention to CAPITAL letters. Before requesting a new password, make sure you try it with correct case on all letters. Also make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.

Example: Let's say my username is: RaiderCoach. This would be an incorrect login: raidercoach as the R and C must be capitalized.

Also see "Login Problem-Solver".

After downloading, install the program...

PC Windows users:
After downloading the "CCPlaybookAnimationsSetup.exe" installation file, run this setup file to install the program on your computer. Make note of the folder on your computer where this file is located. Using Windows Explorer (or the Start Menu, "Run"), go to that folder and click on the "CCPlaybookAnimationsSetup" file. The setup file will install the program for you... just follow the instructions. An icon will be placed on your desktop for loading the program.

PC users who prefer to use the zipped file ("") can unzip it with Winzip. If you don't have WinZip, download it at: WinZip Download.

Mac users:
After downloading "", you must decompress this file using a decompression tool such as "Stuffit Expander" which you can download at:
Download Stuffit.

Launching the program.

Although the program runs inside your default Internet browser, you do not need to be online. If you used the Windows installation program above (CCPlaybookAnimationsSetup.exe), there should be an icon on your desktop that you can click.

Playbook and Animations Icon

If not, note the folder on your computer where the program files were installed. Using Windows Explorer (or the Start Menu, "Run"), go to that folder and click "CCPlaybookAnimations".

Another method of opening the program is to launch your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc), and then use the menu "File", "Open" and then browse and find the "CCIntro.html" file in the program folder and open it. You can save this link in your "Favorites" or as a "Bookmark" for future use.

Viewing Plays, Diagrams
Offensive players are O1, O2, O3, O4, O5, and are circles.
Defensive players are X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, and are triangles.

In the diagrams, player cuts are solid lines, whereas passes are dotted lines. A screen is a line with a perpendicular "bar". Dribbling is indicated by a wavy or "squiggly" line.

how to interpret the playbook diagrams

FAQ's, Troubleshooting Section

Question 1: How do I start the program?
See "Launching the program" above.

Question 2: The animations won't load. All I get is a blank window.
If animations do not load, you probably need to upgrade your browser to the latest version. The animations are both Flash and HTML5 compatible, so virtually all computers and devices are compatible.

Question 3: How do I view the Playbook articles?
Click "Playbook Index" in the top menu. The Playbook Index contains the complete index of articles. You can also access any of the articles from the top drop-down menu.

Question 4: Printing Questions
How do I print plays and other articles?
Select the article you want to print from either the top drop-down menu or the Playbook Index page. Click the "View PDF!" button in the upper right hand corner of the page to view and print the associated pdf file.

Usually, you can also get a good, clean printed copy by just clicking the browser's "Print" button, or using the browser menu's "File"-->"Print".

You can also use the "PDF Index" page (see top menu), which lists all of the pdf articles.

Is it possible to print the entire Playbook at once, rather than page by page?
Yes! MS Internet Explorer has this feature built-in. In the top menu, click "PDF Index". This page lists all of the Playbook's PDF (printable) doucments. Then select from the Internet Explorer top menu, "File" and then "Print". In this print dialog, click the "Options" tab at the top, and then check "Print all linked documents", and click the "Print" button at the bottom. Have lots of paper and ink on hand! If you only want to print certain segments (Half-Court Offense, Half-Court Defenses, etc), then click on one of the "key" category pages seen at the top of the Playbook Index page, and use the same instructions above.

Question 5: You refer to menus. I don't see any menus on any pages!
The current menus are css-based, so they should be viewable on all computers. If not, upgrade your browser. You can use the program without the menus by using the "Index" pages for the playbook and animations.

Question 6: What about the free upgrades? Upgrade installation issues... When you purchased this download, you were sent an email with your username, password and a page link where you can download the latest free upgrade. If you have lost that information, .

You can access the upgrade-download page from the Upgrade Your Coach's Clipboard Product (Upgrade.html) page in your Playbook & Animations program.

For the upgrade to work, just delete the original program from your hard drive and re-install the new upgrade download (which contains everything that you already have plus the new stuff).

Question 7: What do the control buttons seen with the Animations do?
See the graphic and explanation below.

Controls Legend
#1 stops or pauses the animation
#2 starts or restarts (after a pause) the animation
#3 rewinds the animation to the very beginning
#4 moves the animation back one frame
#5 moves the animation forward one frame
#6 moves the animation to the end (very last frame)
#7 when lit, causes the animations to go back to the beginning and replay when completed
Slider shows the progress of the animation, and you can slide it to advance or back up the animation.

Question 8: I'm still having problems! Now what?
. Please make sure that your own email server will accept a return email from me, and that your email storage space is not full. In either case, I will not be able to get back to you, and this is frustrating for both of us! I will usually respond to your email within a day or two (unless I'm on vacation)... so if you don't hear back from me right away, check to make sure your email server will accept my email (your spam blocker may not allow me).

Copyright Notices
The Coach's Clipboard Playbook & Animations and all the contents of the Coach's Clipboard web-site, are under copyright protection. Unauthorized copying and distribution of this download or it's contents are prohibited by law.

Copying is limited to coaches and players who may use the articles for their own team or organization only. Coaches are permitted to print any of the articles in the Playbook for distribution to their own players and coaches, or in creating their own team playbook. However, these materials may not be used on a web-site without permission from the Coach's Clipboard's author, James A. Gels.

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Copyright © James A. Gels, all rights reserved.

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