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Point Guard College Review

Point Guard College

Point Guard College, founded by Dick DeVenzio, and continued by great University of Virginia point guard Dena Evans, is a very unique program. It not only teaches the skills needed to become a great player, but goes far beyond that by imparting basketball knowledge and passion to players and coaches. PCG helps players to think and "play smart". It is an intense, no-nonsense learning experience for high school and college-aged male and female student-athletes.

Not like typical basketball camps, it's called a "college" for a reason. The course curriculum is specially designed to teach basketball players to play the game intelligently, to train purposefully, to be "coaches on the court", and to be true leaders during games, in practice, during the off-season, and in everyday life.

Point Guard College

Point Guard College is more than just a basketball camp - it is an intensive basketball experience that combines skills, drills, and games, with classroom sessions, detailed video analysis, and leadership development. Whereas many other nationally known camps focus heavily on athlete exposure, PGC focuses on the mental aspects of the game, allowing players to clearly separate themselves from their peers with their knowledge, leadership, and newfound skills.

Founded by the late Dick Devenzio, Duke Grad and author of books such as: "Stuff Good Players Should Know", and "Think Like a Champion", Point Guard College offers sessions all over North America, and lists many all americans and professional players among its alumni. Boasting testimonials from the likes of John Wooden, Doug Collins, Rick Carlisle, and a host of others, it is an intense a learning environment as you will find anywhere.

The Point Guard College Observing Coaches Program allows coaches at any level to attend a PGC session, and audit the teaching and training methods used - allowing them to take a wealth of knowledge back to their programs, applying it to both their athletes and their own development as coaches.

There are programs for high school players (male and female), college and professional players, players who play positions other than point guard, and coaches.

For many more details about the various programs, course locations and costs, testimonials from coaches (John Wooden, Doug Collins, Ann Meyers, Donnie Walsh, Greg Brittennham), and comments from parents, see the Point Guard College Brochure.

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Point Guard College

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