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BetterBasketball's "Read and React Offense Zone Attack"

BetterBasketball's Read and React Zone Attack
This is the DVD that "Read and React" coaches have been awaiting!

Coach Rick Torbett's "Read and React" offense is quickly becoming the favorite man offense of many coaches. It not only is a great offense, but is a great "system" and a great way of teaching offense to developing players and teams. Now, a lot of teams are getting pretty good at the Read and React offense and man defenses are having a hard time stopping them, so guess what... opponents play zone defense against them. So good "read and react" teams, need to have a good zone offense as well. The "Read and React Zone Attack" is the solution... using many of the basic principles learned in the read and react offense, but modifying them for attacking zones.

Coach Torbett spends 2 quality hours with us on this DVD... with teams 5-on-5, demonstrating the principles of the Read and React zone attack, piece by piece, with 5-out, 4-out and 3-out offensive sets, and against various zone defenses. This offense will be easy to learn for teams who already have an understanding of the basic Read and React man offense.

Coach Torbett explains how the man offense is "tweaked" for zone defenses. The "pass and cut" layer is used, but now as a "pass - hook and look". The speed dribble (dribble at) and back-cut becomes a dribble-at and button-hook type cut. The "pin and skip" and "reverse pin and skip" are great weapons against zones. You can pin defenders both inside (for open 3-point shots) and outside (for quick inside passes). Dribble-penetrating the gaps and baseline are discussed... e.g. the dribble into the gap and pass back to the "safety" is almost always wide-open. A number of other options are presented... what to do on a pass into the post, "double attacks", power dribble, how to attack trapping zones, attacking half-court and 3/4 court trapping defenses, etc. And, you can still run your favorite zone plays, but when the play fails, players fall back to the "read and react" zone offense rules.

It has been said that the "perfect" offense would be one that could be used against any kind of defense, man, zone, junk, etc. The fact that there are so many different man-to-man and zone offenses being used attests to the fact that in the history of this game, no "perfect" offense has ever been devised. Well, in my opinion, the Read and React offense, with both man and zone attacks, probably comes closer than any other offense thus far.

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