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Tom Nordland's "Swish" Video/DVD and "Swish-2" DVD

"Dad, can you teach me how to shoot?"

"Coach, can you help me with my shooting?"

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Now Available!" Swish-2"... the sequel to the Swish Video.

Swish Video/DVDs
These are two common questions that aspiring young basketball players ask. So we go out on the driveway, or court, and try to explain some basics in shooting, with maybe some shooting experience of our own (but really without a repeatable "system"), and then tell 'em to practice a lot. Sounds good? -- well, no... first, get Tom Nordland's SWISH Video. It only costs about $30, and only takes about 50 minutes to watch (watch it with your child). After viewing and studying Tom's video, you will actually understand shooting mechanics, the basics in becoming an excellent shooter, and the basics in how to teach it. Personally, I wish I had a video like this 40 years ago, when I was a kid! Not only would I have become a better shooter, and known HOW to practice, but also I would have had a better understanding of how to teach and help the players I have coached over the years. Having studied Tom's video, I will be a better shooting coach with future players.

Tom Nordland was a great player and scorer in his own playing days, and has coached shooting skills to many advanced players, including collegiate and NBA players.

The Swish Video takes the viewer through the principles of good shooting. Its four keys are to (1) shoot from a strong power force (UpForce),
(2) minimize variables with a constant release,
(3) aim high and be ready to vary the height or arc of the shot, and
(4) vary the timing of the shot as required.

The correct release is demonstrated and is shown how this can be taught systematically to players with simple drills. Then the UpForce is described, and then the coupling of the UpForce and release in the jump shot. Free throw shooting is also covered. Mental aspects of shooting are touched upon. And the basics of shooting -- the grip, stance, vision (aim), set position and release and follow-through are reviewed. Finally, drills and fun shooting games are added for practicing.

A 36 page Workbook is included, which highlights the important points in the video, and has suggestions for charting your own progress. The package also includes a 2-page Summary of the Method, which can be taken to the court.

If you are a player wanting to learn to shoot, or a baffled parent wanting to help his/her kid, or a coach who really wants to be able to help players develop their shooting skills, definitely get this video/ booklet program! When I was a kid, coaches often thought good shooters were "born", a God-given talent... not something you could really teach. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Excellent shooters are not "born", they become great shooters by using correct, simple, repeatable shooting techniques, coupled with hours of practice, drills, and eventually, confidence. Just about anyone can be taught to shoot correctly if the motivation is there! This video ought to be used by every youth, middle-school and high-school program in the country. If your competitors are using it and you're not, make sure your defense is really good!

Now available in DVD format!
The Swish program is now available in DVD format. I personally prefer the DVD. In addition to everything above, there are shooting drills included at the end of the video, along with numerous clips of players of various ages and skill levels demonstrating their shooting form. Also, with the DVD, there is a menu at the start, so if you watch it from a computer (DVD drive) you can click on the menu to jump to the part that you want to review, rather than fast-forwarding through a VCR tape. Also, there is a special deal if you have already purchased the get half off on the DVD. One difference... the video comes with a 35 page booklet, whereas this is contained on the DVD in a ".pdf" file.

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  • Simplified Coaching of Shooting.
  • How to teach shooting.

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New! The "Swish-2" DVD

The sequel to the original Swish Video/DVD, called "Swish-2" is now available in DVD format (length 1 hour, 55 minutes). Tom has spent many hours putting together this video, and he takes his Swish method and instruction to the next level. This is an excellent DVD for both players wanting to become great shooters, and for coaches learning how to teach shooting. The DVD format is nice since you can click on the menu and go directly to any chapter on the DVD.  

Coach Nordland teaches the details of the Swish shooting method... alignment, set-point, catching the "up-force", a repeatable release, the trajectory (arc) of the shot, the follow-through, and correctly analyzing the flight of the ball and making adjustments to misses. He instructs coaches on how to run a shooting clinic, the methods, the drills. This is a comprehensive, detailed DVD including instruction on free-throw shooting, catch and shoot, jump-shots, shots off the dribble, 3-point shots, close-in jumpers, fade-aways, runners and floaters, and bank-shots.

Click here to see the Swish-2 table of contents
. The DVD sells for $$34.95, and there is a discount deal if you purchase both DVD's (the original Swish DVD and Swish-2). This is an excellent shooting DVD that will help players and coaches alike.

GET THE SWISH-2 DVD!!! Click here to learn more, or to order the Swish-2 DVD

"Swish 1" Video Clip

"Swish 2" Video Clip

"Swish 3" Video Clip

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