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Instant access to the Youth Basketball section at the Coach's Clipboard!

CC's Youth Basketball Membership - $29.95/year (single)

CC's Youth Basketball Membership - $69.95/year (Group/Team) -up to 15 members.

After clicking the "Buy Now" button, you first register for your account and get a username and password. Then complete your payment with either PayPal or credit card. Your account will be activated automatically once payment is completed. Then you can login to the Youth Members Section.

Instant Access... no waiting for the mail. Create your online youth membership account and password, complete payment online, and you have instant access... anywhere in the world. We welcome international members... from all over the world!

Individual or Group (Team) Memberships... you can sign up for either an individual membership for $29.95/year, or sign up your entire team (group - up to 15 members) for just $69.95/year! Each group member will have his/her own username and password and each member has an unlimited number of login accesses and unlimited content access. Using your unique account, you (or your group administrator) can view the account details, edit the account info, change the password, check the account expiration date, renew the account for another year, and add and remove group members (for group memberships).

Coaches section... "content is king". Many pages of simple plays, offenses, defenses, drills, player fundamentals, etc for youth coaches and teams.

Players section... For youth players, there are many pages on player tips and fundamentals, as well as many video clips. This membership includes all of the content that is also featured in the Players CD... but with instant access, and available to your entire team (group membership).

Video... a video clips section with many quality Flash video clips of player fundamentals is included. Includes ball-handling and dribbling drills, dribble moves, and guard and post player fundamentals.

Animated Diagrams... many flash animations of plays, offenses, defenses are available to show player movement and timing (please note that Flash animations are not viewable on the iPhone or iPad).

Mobile-Ready section... for smartphone users. Take the Coach's Clipboard with you in the gym, on the bus, in the locker-room... anywhere! Although the Flash animations are not viewable on Apple's iPhone and iPad, the video clips are viewable.

PDF files... every article has an associated Adobe pdf file that you can use for nice clean print-outs.

Message Center... discuss basketball topics with other youth coaches and players.

No automatic renewals... your account will not automatically be renewed when it expires... it's your option.

Wait! Want even more detailed content? Consider the Coach's Clipboard All-Access Premium Membership and get access to not only the complete Youth Section, but everything else at the Coach's Clipboard.

Instant access to everything at the Coach's Clipboard!

All-Access Premium Membership - $49/year
Become a Premium Member now and get immediate access to everything at the Coach's Clipboard... an encyclopedia of basketball information with all of the complete articles, an enhanced video clips section, a mobile-ready section for smartphones, pdf files, expandable animations, a youth basketball section, members-only forum, a free Deluxe Playbook Download, discounts... more details. (Discounted yearly renewal rate = $29.95/year... at your option... no automatic renewals.) Get access right NOW... no waiting, nothing to ship, perfect for non-USA (and USA) buyers. See details below.

A testimonial and drills from Ganon Baker!

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