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All-Access Premium Membership - $49/year
Become a Premium Member now and get immediate access to everything at the Coach's Clipboard... an encyclopedia of basketball information with all of the complete articles, an enhanced video clips section, a mobile-ready section for smartphones, pdf files, expandable animations, a youth basketball section, members-only forum, a free Deluxe Playbook Download, discounts... more details. (Discounted yearly renewal rate = $29.95/year... at your option... no automatic renewals.) Get access right NOW... no waiting, nothing to ship, perfect for non-USA (and USA) buyers.

Instant access to the Coach's Clipboard Youth Basketball section!

Youth Basketball Membership - $29.95/year (single), $69.96/year (group).
Become a Youth Basketball Member now and get immediate access to the Coach's Clipboard Youth Basketball section... designed for youth basketball players and coaches and includes many articles devoted to player development and attitude, and youth coaching including simple plays, offenses, defenses, drills, etc. that youth coaches will find helpful. There are many animated play diagrams and video clips of player drills... more details. Available as either individual or group (team) memberships.

Single - $29.95

Group - $69.95

All of the basketball articles, offenses, defenses, plays, drills, animations and video clips are on the CD/USB drive!

Coach's Clipboard Deluxe Basketball Playbook
CD -- $39.00 (plus shipping)
USB thumb drive -- $41.50 (plus shipping)

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Coach's Clipboard Deluxe Basketball Playbook Download (no CD/USB drive) -- $36.00 (and no shipping)
Download the complete Deluxe Playbook (same content as the hard copy CD) without the cost of a hard copy CD/USB drive and shipping. Most new laptop computers are being sold now without a CD/DVD drive... so a download (or a USB thumb drive) makes perfect sense! But wait! Become a Premium Member for just $13 more ($49) and this download is included with it for free!

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Available as CDs or USB thumb drives
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Coach's Clipboard Players CD... designed for players.

Coach's Clipboard Player's CD/USB

CD -- $16.00 (plus shipping)
USB thumb drive -- $18.50 (plus shipping)

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A better option however might be the Youth Basketball Team/Group Membership (15 users - $69.95).

Advanced Ball-Handling/Dribbling DVD

Advanced Ball-Handling/Dribbling DVD - $25.99
Players... take your ball-handling and dribbling skills to the next level! Ball-handling/dribbling experts Ryan Goodson and Corey Rich take you through 50 advanced ball-handling and one and two-ball dribbling drills, both stationary and on the move drills, some full-court... more details. Shipping charges are automatically added when ordering.


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